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Ciriaco Trading Company (CTC)

"CTC" is aggressively expanding our Rice Trading and marketing business in the Philippines.

We are presently acquiring additional equipment. 

In order to take advantage of this Larger market opportunity,
we are seeking collaborators (investor/partner).


The "Total Available Market" (TAM) for trading rice in the Philippines is huge.

In our region of Mindoro alone, we estimate The "TAM" is  greater than
1 Million MT, conservatively estimated that is $100 Million net trading profit.

The story behind Ciriaco Trading Company.


"CTC" began in 2004 after my wife and I made our first visit to the Philippines together.

After a long discussion with Rodolfo Ciriaco, I could see the plight of the Pilipino rice farmer, I was greatly moved to get involved,,,

Out of great respect for Ofellia Fabella (The mother of Rodolfo and Laylin)
and with the blessing of my dearly beloved grandmother, Georgia Colebrooke.

I borrowed $10,000.00 from My grandmother.  We bought 3 hectares of land and a "Kubota-18hp" hand tractor.


The business generated by those (3) hectares  has afforded me the opportunity to build a substantial office and business complex which includes, a secure lot with a rice storage building  capacity of 3000 x 50 Kilos (150 MT).
Rice drying area of 6000 square feet.
Isuzu flatbed, 7.5 ton delivery truck.

Employing the efficiency and work ethic which I have used throughout my wholesale jewelry career,

we continue to buy rice palay from the farmers in the region of our office complex and production facility.


At the very least, by following through with this endeavor, employing a small investment of machinery and infrastructure, I know that greater quantities of rice will make it to the market and subsequently the total finished and consumed rice of the Philippines will have been increased by that much more.

Ron Colebrooke, President of CTC

Ciriaco Trading Company LLC. and its subsidiaries have successfully worked in;

Agricultural products

Precious Metals bullion trading

 Jewelry Manufacturing,



Conducting business globally has enabled "Ciriaco Trading Company" to

forge valuable business relationships; further enhancing the value it brings to clients and business partners.



"CTC" is aggressively expanding its global business

operations. The Philippines and the USA remain our primary business channels, and include the following international subsidiaries:



Ciriaco Trading Company LLC (Commodities and raw materials)

Vie Nouvelle International (Fine Jewelry Mfg.)

Lloyd & Co (Jewelry design and marketing)



Ciriaco is the United States branch, with offices in Tennessee and Los Angeles.

We work globally, specializing in commodities and raw materials.


Ciriaco is dedicated to helping our customers and

partners plug in and find greater value from the global supply chain.


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