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Rice Flours (Diffrences)

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LONG GRAIN RICE FLOUR (22% amylose) Commonly known as standard rice flour.  Used in cereals, chips, and snacks to provide a crispy texture.  Used in coating applications and many of the clear coatings currently found on french fries.  Used in extrusion operations (rice crispies).

MEDIUM GRAIN RICE FLOUR (18% amylose) Can be used in the same applications as long grain flour, but provides a lighter texture and a little more expansion when puffed.  It is more resistant to starch retrogradation than long grain and therefore is used as a thickener in some high moisture applications.

WAXY RICE FLOUR (0% amylose, 100% amylopectin)  Can be used in many of the same applications as long grain flour, but provides an even lighter texture and much more expansion when puffed.  It is very resistant to starch retrogradation and is an excellent thickener in sauces and gravies (freeze/thaw stable). It replaces expensive modified waxy corn starches in many applications.

RF-GL1080: Less degree of cook and sheatable.
RF-GLX080: Higher water absorption, higher degree of cook, tend to be tacky.

RICE FLOUR MIXES  Mixes are provided for extruder operations (salt, malt, and sugar for a rice crispy mix).  Stabilized bran is mixed with white rice flours to produce brown rice flours.  Various rice flours are mixed to provide unique functionality.  Custom mixes are available.

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