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SAGE V FOODS, LLC. (pronounced Sage Five) specializes in producing rice based ingredients for use in processed foods and has developed the most complete line of rice products in the industry. In addition to industrial markets, the company’s line of frozen rice is also sold into the food service and retail markets.

The company was founded by Pete Vegas in 1992 as a subsidiary of American Rice/Comet Rice (a large rice milling company) and initially operated under the name Comet Rice Ingredients. The company was formed to create innovative new applications for rice and develop new rice products to meet those needs. The company is not a rice miller.  It purchases milled rice or milled broken rice and then further processes that raw material. The company started with rice flours and then expanded into pregelatinized flours, specialty varieties of rice, instant rice, frozen rice, and more recently crisp rice. In October of 1998, management bought the company from American Rice, Inc. and renamed the company Sage V Foods. The original production facilities were in Freeport, Texas. Since that time, Sage V Foods built an additional flour milling and extrusion facility inStuttgart, AR, in 2006, and then expanded that same plant in 2008. In July of 2009, the company completed construction and started up a new state of the art facility in the Port of Little Rock, AR. to produce frozen rice and instant rice. The new Arkansas plants are designed to meet the strictest new food safety standards. 

The company has very close relationships with key suppliers of rice (two of the three largest mills in the southern growing area) in both Texas and Arkansas where its plants are located very close to their mills. Sage V Foods has direct access to all types and varieties of U.S. rice from both the southern and California  rice growing areas as well as foreign grown rice. The company contracts directly with farmers to grow specialty varieties of rice and organic rice.

The headquarters for Sage V Foods is located in Los Angeles, CA. at 12100 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 605.


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